How did we get hooked on CHICAGO & PHILLY Street Eats?

While he’s been feeding San Antonio diners for a decade, local Las Palapas owner, Jeff Moore, has been hooked on Chicago street food for even longer. In his past life working for two distributors as a candy buyer and national account manager, Jeff attended the national candy show in Chicago… for ten years, straight! Every year, it became less about the sweets and more about the eats. There were only two ways to get that one-of-a-kind flavor in San Antonio, (1) fly to the food, or (2) fly the food here. So Jeff is working on taking it to the streets with the Chicago Philly Eats Food Truck!

Sure, there are places to buy cheaper bread and sausage and hot dogs, locally. You don’t have to fly in Amoroso’s Philadelphia hearth-baked bread, but you won’t get five generations of local flavor if you don’t. You can find “Italian beef” just about anywhere. But the Fontanini family knocks it out of the park every day, and it’s so worth it to ship the original from Chicago. And, of course, if you want those snappy Chicago-style hot dogs, there is no place to go but Vienna Beef. No two ways about it. You have to buy genuine ingredients to reproduce that one-of-a-kind street-food flavor.

The good news is, you don’t have to fly to Philadelphia or Chicago. Taste the real deal and decide for yourself. Our food truck will be rolling soon. We appreciate the chance to win your business and we think you’ll be as much of a fan as Jeff is!

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Note: While we did buy the former location, Chicago Philly Eats is in no way affiliated with WiseGuys a Chicago Eatery.*